Senin, 07 Agustus 2017

Lirik Lagu I.R.S dari Guns N' Roses

Credit: @gunsnroses

Guns N' Roses Indonesia... Tempo hari kita sudah membahas mengenai Album Guns N' Roses Chinese Democracy yang secara keseluruhan albumnya merupakan hasil karya sang Maestro Axl Rose. Untuk membaca artikel tentang album ini yang saya tulis dengan judul "Chinese Democracy: Album Guns N' Roses yang Gagal (?)" 

Baca Juga: "Chinese Democracy: Album Guns N' Roses yang Gagal (?)"

yang pasti album ini sangat jauh berbeda warnanya dengan album Guns N' Roses sebelum-sebelumnya

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Kali ini saya akan memposting Lirik lagu Guns N' Roses yang berjudul "I.R.S"  dari Album yang berjudul "Chinese Democracy" .


No, ah-ah
Is it true
What they say of you?

Gonna call the president
Gonna call a private eye
Gonna get the I.R.S
Gonna need the F.B.I

There's not any more that I can do

Bagian Pertama
All the reasons that you gave, I'd follow you
To when you'd lead
And if that'd be the end of time, it's true

Wouldn't be the first time I've been wrong
Wouldn't be the last
I'm sure I've known
Through all the rumors, I could tell
Some things didn't work so well

Well, anyway, it feels the same

When you first told me you were gone
So long ago, but I still held on
Through all the motions, the love and the sex
And that's the truth, and here's the worst yet
Wouldn't even matter, the things that I'd say
You've made your mind up and gone, anyway
And there's no use now in dragging it on
Should've seen it coming all along

Well, it's true
Oh, I had my doubts of you

Gonna call the president
Gonna call myself a private eye
Gonna need the I.R.S
Gonna get the F.B.I
Gonna make this a federal case
Gonna wave it right down in your face
Read it, baby, with your morning news
With a sweet hangover and the headlines, too, now

Bagian Kedua
I bet you think I'm doing this all for my health
I should've looked again, babe, at somebody else
Feeling like I've done way more than wrong
Feeling like I'm living inside of this song
Feeling like I'm just too tired to care
Feeling like I've done more than my share
Couldn't be the way that I've carried on
Like a broken record for so long
And I do

Ooh, what shall I do
If I gave my heart to you?
It's such a crime, you know it's true