Sabtu, 17 Juni 2017

Lirik Lagu "Out Ta Get Me" : Guns N' Roses

Credit: @gunsnroses

Guns N' Roses Indonesia... Inilah lirik lagu "Out Ta Get Me" dari Guns N' Roses. Karena banyak pembaca yang menanyakan mengenai lirik lagu "Out Ta Get Me" heheehe

"Out Ta Get Me"

Been hidin' out/ And layin' low
It's nothin' new ta me/ Well you can always find
a place to go/ If you can keep your sanity
They break down the doors/ And they rape my rights but
They won't touch me/ They scream and yell
And fight all night/ You can't tell me
I lose my head/ I close my eyes
They won't touch me/ 'Cause I got somethin'
I been buildin' up inside/ For so fuckin' long


They're out ta get me/ They won't catch me
I'm innocent/ They won't break me

Sometimes it's easy to forget where you're goin'
Sometimes it's harder to leave
And everytime you think you know just what you're doin'
That's when your troubles exceed/ They push me in a corner
Just to get me to fight but/ They won't touch me
They preach and yell/ And fight all night
You can't tell me/ I lose my head
I close my eyes/ They won't touch me
'Cause I got somethin'/ I been buildin' up inside
I'm already gone

Bagian Chorus

Some people got a chip on their shoulder/ An some would say it was me
But I didn't buy that fifth of whisky/ That you gave me
So I'd be quick to disagree